The assistance of a professional consultant during a buy or sell side assignment enhances the terms of a transaction.

Triportail carries out its services using of a rigorous methodology, inspired by investment banks, which ensures the successful and efficient outcome of the process.

This process is adapted to the specificities of each client in order to provide the most appropriate solution to achieve the objectives assigned.


The added value of Triportail lies in :

  • A strict compliance with the confidentiality required by the transaction
  • The lack of any conflict of interests in the carrying out of our missions
  • A total availability for the missions we are entrusted with by our clients
  • The defense and advancement of our clients’ interests
  • A proven track record in the field of mergers and acquisitions
  • A rigorous and tested methodology
  • A close collaboration with our clients’ usual counsels
  • A remuneration mostly linked with the success of the mission